Katy Blub longs to be one of the beautiful people.

BUT HER BORING LIFE in working-class Brooklyn, where she lives with her cranky old grump of a mother, couldn’t possibly be any further from the bright lights and glamour of the red carpet.

A tragically bad picture involving the teenage Katie, Aunt Gladys’s ancient bathing suit and a whole lot of rashy skin wins Katie a coveted appearance on American Sexy, the most popular makeover show on television.

In front of millions of beauty hungry fans American Sexy’s very mysterious host, Maleo Malathustra, miraculously transforms the homely Katie into a world class hottie.

Immediately, she is plunged into the realm of movie stars, paparazzi, and lavish nightclub parties.

When Katie discovers that being fabulous isn’t as easy as she thought it would be, and that the super suave Maleo might have an unexpected dark side, she becomes disillusioned. Unfortunately for Katie, she can’t even begin to imagine the nightmarish makeover Maleo has in store for her.

Despite wanting nothing more than to return to her simple old life, Katie learns once the “black magic” of the celebrity world decides to change you, you might never recognize yourself again.

AMERICAN SEXY is now available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook editions.



A dark comedy for dark times.

Katie Blub is a plain spoken Brooklyn girl who finds herself in a life or death struggle against a misogynistic reality TV show host bent on world domination. Sound familiar?  Stop crying over politics and read the book.


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